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Can't sleep?

Have you been hitting f5 on
as much as I have?


Re: Can't sleep?

Tonight? No, though I have checked it. Have I missed a burst of activity in prior posts (I saw Narcissa's latest and the news about Harry)?

Re: Can't sleep?

No, nothing new since Narcissa's post. I am just waiting for someone else to comment on Harry. I keep thinking that there should be more response, at least of relief from Ron & Hermione.

Re: Can't sleep?

Well, for one thing, I'm not quite sure what time zone the game runs on, and how that relates to the time zones where the players live.

Right. Trying to go to sleep, now, for about the third time . . .

Re: Can't sleep?

I think about the time zones too, but still sometimes can't quite make myself stop watching. As it always seems that new posts/comments show up about 5 minutes after I log off.

(Deleted comment)

Re: thanks

Well, it depends what kind of practice. =>

Glad you're finding them interesting.


If one wrote a fiction piece like that, nobody would believe it was plausible. Reality, stranger, fiction, alla that...

Yes; there are cases that really make you wonder what the personalities involved were like.

There was another that provoked that reaction from me recently; I'll try to dig it up later.

if one wrote a fiction piece like that, nobody would believe that it was plausible

Iain Banks could probably get away with it. Chuck Palahniuk could definitely get away with it. Can't think of anyone else.

I'm reduced to the valley girl remarks: Like, dude.

And here I was considering insurance companies the most paranoid businesses in this country.


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