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incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

I never saw the musical on stage, and my opinion of it was mostly formed by hearing part of "La Vie Boheme" and thinking the lyrics were far too easily self-congratulatory. I enjoyed the movie more than I expected to, mostly because of the music and the actors' presences, though I still winced at some of the lyrics.

"Take Me Or Leave Me" felt like the high point, because for once the show was expressing emotion that wasn't couched in Afterschool Specialish problem-story terms; but maybe that's just my own heartless healthy-affluent-guy nature talking.

There were two teenage girls sitting next to me who seemed to have memorized large chunks of the show. At one point I heard them whispering to each other: "What's AZT?" "I don't know!"

I do wish that the original Joanne wasn't too old now to play the part (and really, how bad could it have been, considering some of the other actors?), because I really think she would have improved that scene even more. (I did like the way the other main characters *shamelessly* followed them around gawking; it was pretty funny.)

It would be interesting to know, in a universe where the writer didn't drop dead before opening night, how much polishing the music would have received. I continue to cherish the (completely unsupported) idea that "Your Eyes" was a placeholder.


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