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Dream biography

My subconscious apparently decided I needed a papersky-style bio, because when I woke up this morning I had this running around my head like a song lyric:

As a newborn, Kate Nepveu was allegedly found on the steps of a Korean police station with a please-take-care-of-baby note pinned to her blanket. Since then her life has been considerably less melodramatic, which is a good thing. She lives and works (etc.).

Thank you, subconscious (I think), but next time can't you write something I need right now, like that brief due this week?

(Deleted comment)
I'm pretty sure that's not the brief she's looking for...

But it makes me so much happier.


I don't know what my sleepy brain meant by "papersky-style bio"--I think it saw some similarity in rhythm, or something--but a _real_ papersky bio is a lovely thing.

as long as she is permitted to take along her beloved husband, orzelc,

, who is not a troll but a physicist, [*]

her dog, Emmy, and an extremely large supply of books

, and a computer magically connected to the Internet. "Okay, guys, they tell me there's a dragon: it flies, it breathes fire, and it ignores the batches of cherries jubilee they left out for it. Suggestions?"

[*] Reference to the first time papersky deduced this secret history of mine, in someone else's locked post. And papersky, if I didn't say so already, if there's anything interesting to be done with those images feel free.

(It says something about me, I don't know what, that papersky's bio was the first time I'd imagined myself in any of those roles.)

(Deleted comment)
She was educated at Yale and presently works as a lawyer in Albany. She is ready at all times to return to fulfil her destiny,

Possibly not an image I wanted to have collide with The Family Trade and The Hidden Family.

So, is this a reason to move them up my list or down?

I liked them.

I think (since papersky is involved) it'll be relentlessly mundane instead.

Have you told autopope this?

I think they would be worth your time, and I would certainly be interested in what you thought of them; I do not think I have ever seen a worse case of "single novel with two added superfluous bits of cardboard" though.

Thanks. I don't know how much the "the hell she's American!" thing will bother me, but I am vaguely intending to reading them sometime.

(Deleted comment)
What exactly is a brief?

Colloquial term for a persuasive document setting forth the facts and law in a narrative manner; in this case it's a Memorandum of Law explaining why, even taking the facts as alleged in plaintiff's Complaint (the document that kicks off a federal lawsuit by alleging what the defendants did and why it was wrong), those facts don't add up to anything that is actually wrong.

And do note that briefs usually aren't.

Since, for example, the maximum length for a federal appellate brief is 14,000 words...


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