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incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Thanks, and hope you like it. As I say above, I'll buy it from you if you don't.

Not much danger of that!I've been looking for the Alternities stories for ages (finding Michael Kube-MacDowall's novel of the same title induced the same confusion in me that seeing the "Century of Science Fiction" excerpt from Worlds of the Imperium and knowing it wasn't in the version on my timeline I'd read did).

I've also just trawled through Amazon and Abe-Books, even buying two copies of one boook 'cos it's a perfect birthday present for autopope.

Have you read the other two, or do you know anything about them?

I read one, found the second about a year or so later, and the other two I know nothing about.

Wait, we need to specify. => My "other two" were the ones not in _From the End . . . _; which two have you read?

"Mandalay" and "Out of Service". I've never seen "Slowly By, Lorena" or "Intersections".

Ah. What's "Out of Service" about?

I barely remember it now - I think it's blurring with "Mandalay", but [google]An Alternities guide is stranded after the "Fracture" and tries to convince the local gate operative that it will lead to the correct Homeline[/google]....

I can see why that would blur with "Mandalay," yes. Thanks.


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