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Not-quite-puppy love

The dog is medium sized, a year old, with a German Shepherd's coloring but more a generic dog shape. She went into a veritable frenzy of welcome when I walked in the door, though I think that was more because she's been attention-starved in the few days she was in the shelter than because she loved me at first sight. Until a few minutes ago, she was asleep on the floor in front of the couch, against Chad's foot; he just got up to take his contacts out and she followed, despite my offering to pet her, and laid in front of the bathroom door. I think we know who she likes better. =>

She perpetually looks a little worried, because her forehead furrows vertically and she has lighter fur over the inner quadrants of her eyes. She has a few dry scaly patches that the vet will have to look at, and a deformed-from-birth back paw (looks more like a hoof) that doesn't slow her down in any noticeable fashion. She's remarkably well-behaved: very quiet (hasn't barked once yet); shows no interest in chewing anything she shouldn't—and barely anything she should, as toys have not held her interest at all so far; hopped right out of the front seat into the back when Chad started up the car; and just laid down when we sat down for dinner.

We still haven't a clue what to name her, but something will come up. Right now we're just telling her frequently what a good dog she is, and she seems happy with that—as are we.

[ ETA: her name is Emmy, and she's still a very good dog. ]


I've been trying to think of things that are almost like "Princess" but not quite. So far all I've come up with are "Preakness" and "Palimpsest," neither of which are very good dog names. And "Plinth Fest" which is nonsense.

No, but they're funny and thank you for thinking of them!

Thome day my plinth will come..


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