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Worldcon Programming: Suggestions?

Somewhat to my surprise, Worldcon has e-mailed me asking me to fill out a program participation questionnaire. (I thought maybe they were sending to everyone, but Chad hasn't got one and I was given to understand that as an actual scientist he was much-desired by programming.) Anyway, I have some ideas about topics I might volunteer to talk about, but it's often illuminating to get outside perspectives on this: so if I were on a Worldcon panel, what would you want it to be about?

(I'm going to offer up all of my Bittercon panels as ideas, too, though I wouldn't volunteer to be on any of them but the Risky Narratives one. Did I mention how much fun that was? Even if it took way more time than I expected, keeping up with the discussions; can't type as fast I talk and all that. Wicked cool.)

The Bittercon thing was a ton of fun. I loved those panels you thought up--and would go listen to any of them.

Thanks! Yours were a lot of fun too.

Keeping up with all the various sure made the weekend zzzzzip by!

From what I've understood about Worldcon programming, it's usually done backwards compared to most cons. They largely call for volunteer programme participants, and largely gets them, but they are also open for suggestions. So someone might have noticed your Bittercon panels, and mentioned your name to the programming group. Chad, however, has never volunteered or been mentioned to the programming group.

Nah, this e-mail was pre-Bittercon. But hey, however it happened, I'm flattered.

(Deleted comment)

I don't suppose you're going to WFC this year, which is in the same vicinity as that Albacon?

You could generalize papersky's panel to "The Arts in Alt-Hist". Have the moderator specify some arbitrary POD, and the panelists can discuss how it would affect the creative works of the time.

Someone could, but not me.


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