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incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Of all these pictures, "Engaku-ji gate in pouring rain" is somehow my favorite; evocative.

Oh, that and my "Hey, that robe fit Chad - what's going on there?" response by the end of it, poor guy.

(Both posts now with line breaks in the captions where they should be! Don't know how I missed that.)

Evocative, it certainly is; oh my goodness we got drenched. (One of the pictures that got cut for space was of the ridge path we took in that rain, just to show what a foolish thing it was to do . . . )

Seriously, they can't have a lot of call for yukata that fit people just under 2 meters tall . . .

Maybe the ninja-inn lady told them you were coming?

Link to scary picture?

Scary picture, at least the scariest I could find: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11070535@N08/1464094550/


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