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Listless Week in Review

Should I even bother? I had a cold (which is finally on the mend), I did boatloads of First Amendment research, I'm very tired and can't think of anything else.

Yay, Thanksgiving coming up.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I am, though I could still use about a weekend's worth of sleep.

First Amendment research is good. Petitioners in Oregon are challenging an initiative that passed last year, that forbids piecemeal payment for petition signature gatherers (i.e., forbids payment by number of signatures), as a violation of First Amendment rights.

If anyone needs to get oriented to First Amendment law before digging into research, I highly recommend _The First Amendment in a Nutshell_. I've found it invaluable--and I took a whole class on First Amendment law, but my outline got eaten in a disk mishap, so I needed a quick refresher to get back up to speed.

Feel better, hon.

Thanks--I do.


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