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OMG, there is a little BABY in there! *flails excitedly*

What, the ultrasound picture wasn't sufficient proof of that? =>

Look, stop trapping me in your "logic", okay? ;)

Wow, go you re: the cross stitch! That was fast!

It *is* small and simple, and also I kind of overdid it a bit the first weekend . . . but yeah, I was hoping to do one a month, so this surpassed my expectations!

(Edit: the link doesn't have dimensions, but they're all in the 5" square range, give or take an inch.)

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Poo, that magic pen thing doesn't work with the pen, because holding it down triggers the right button.

I hadn't tried it with Chad's tablet yet, because he has this thing about, you know, needing to use it for *work* . . .

You look well and happy, and I like the shirt!

Chad ordered it for me as a surprise after the unhappy first maternity-clothes-shopping trip. =>

I think the mug shots are very funny. Mostly because of the expression on your face. We will use them as blackmail material for ever and ever.

. . . how are you going to blackmail me with pictures that I willingly put up on the Internet for the whole world to see?

(I did wonder if I should put a disclaimer on the most recent ones, along the lines of "I'm not upset, I'm just really tired.")

(Deleted comment)

Love the T-shirt. I wish I'd had one -- I couldn't believe the number of people who thought it was perfectly okay to come up and touch my stomach when I was pregnant. Strangers sometimes, even.

I got that all the time when I was pregnant with Alexander. I don't know if it was because I carried him so far out in front, or what, but it was really irritating.

By the time Ernie came along, I had perfected my "Don't even THINK about it" stare. It's one thing if it's friends and family, and totally another when it's some chick you've never seen before running over to lay hands on you.

No-one's done that so far, at least. I don't actually know how often I'll be wearing that in public--we picked it for the mug shots because we needed something that could be worn consistently for the duration--but I'll be practicing my glare as a substitute.

thought it was perfectly okay to come up and touch my stomach


Hey, now I know what you look like! Awesome!

Yeah, it's the despair of our parents that we take so few pictures of ourselves when we're on vacation . . .

I love how you did the photos as mug shots! front and profile... all you need now is a little card with your name or booking number...

Well, it did seem the best way to track the expanding belly--it'll be like a flipbook by the end!--but yeah, the mug shot nature is a little silly . . .

The one with the snail is adorable!

Isn't it? I think I may do that one next, as it looks a little more complicated than the bird one, and then I can end on a medium-ish note.

Not gonna say a word about the stomach. However, I just ADORE the t-shirt.

Thank Chad for it!

You look terrific, and the cross-stitch is very cute.


Love the shirt! And you look wonderful.


Those pictures are a great idea. And that is a truly inspired shirt.

*takes notes for a few years off*

Chad could provide the source of the shirt.

We probably should've started taking pictures earlier, but in the first months I was feeling very ambivalent about the physical process, and also there wasn't much to see . . .

Whoa, week 25 already. Where does the time go? (Though if your pregnancy is anything like mine, it probably feels as if time passes much slower for you.)

It's the usual fast/slow thing I get with most things: saying "25 weeks" makes it seem to have gone by really fast, but it also feels like this has been going on forever, all at the same time.

Congrats on finishing the first cross-stitch!

You have a good haircut. :) (Just to avoid doing the pregnancy comment pile-on thing, but also because it is true.)

Heh. Thanks. =>

(I also need a trim, but am holding out for as long as possible.)


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