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God, there is a reason I don't go to cons. Go back to reading Eric S. Raymond oral sex HOWTOS, creepy dude, and leave actual people alone!

I have never been hit on or sexually harassed at a con. Not all cons are like this. Not all people at cons are like this.

(But OH JOHN RINGO NO clearly needs to be said in those comments!)

(But OH JOHN RINGO NO clearly needs to be said in those comments!)


Yes indeed.

It's not that so much as... well, regular people almost always have really stupid beliefs, but they're conventionally stupid, you know? They think women should stay home and not have jobs or that the evolution is just this unproven theory, which is all eye-rollingly lame, but you get accustomed to it.

But geeks come up with new and creative ways of being stupid all the time, and it's not as easy to let that fade into the background noise.

I don't think the conventionally lame ideas should be allowed to fade into the background, either, because they are more harmful there.

(Deleted comment)
Because I like my head in an unxexploded state, I have not read all the comments and so I cannot say. Alas.

LOL yes! if only we could put all ESR fans together on an island! He totally wrote the manual for geek creepitude!

Just wandering out on a limb here, but I read Ferrett's full post, and it seemed they'd later created a button system such that nobody would be asked the question unless she'd already chosen to wear a button saying she was opting into the, uh, game.

But yeah, outside the set situation that's a question concept best done without.


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