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It's all relative

Every time I pick SteelyKid up, or dress her in her nine-month outfits, I marvel at how big she's getting.

And then I see Chad holding her—


—and I marvel at how tiny she is.

Like the subject says.

Bonus zoom on their hands together:



Cute pic! :)

eee! Adorable.

How tall is he? My husband is 6'6", but I am really tall too, and our kids are on the big side.

He is also 6' 6".

I am 5' 3".

What a wonderful picture.

She's just this little bundle of compact adorableness!

It's amazing how small she can curl up, since she's actually a pretty long baby all spread out.

Oh! Steely Kid is soooo cute. Now you and marydell are both responsible for my babyitis. *g*

I refuse responsibility!


Chad makes *everybody* and *everything* look tiny. Well, okay, maybe not Yao Ming. But almost everyone and everything. :-)

The closeup of their hands is too, too cute. Hand the size of her head! Hand half the size of his thumb!

I know!

That picture of their hands together wins the AWWWWW award for the last six months. Awesome!

Chad looks like the proverbial cat who had canary for lunch, and SteelyKid is looking pretty satisfied herself.

Ridiculously sweet pic.

As he said on his blog, he's smug because he's gotten her to sleep after I failed to. (In a reversal of a multi-month pattern, so it's justified.)

She really does, doesn't she?

I know everyone else has already said Awww, but seriously:


I love the look on Chad's face in that photo.

Ridiculously cute kid there...very sweet.

(Deleted comment)
Good to hear!

That is so cute.

Tony Zbaraschuk

Oh, that is so cute! This gives *me* babyitis!

But you've *got* a baby!

Yeah, but my ovaries don't know that. They were such jerks about the whole process I haven't told them about him yet.

Eeek. My wife sees pics like this and starts making ominous noises about how much she misses having a cute little baby...

She's adorable.


I take no responsibility!


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