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Gosh, thanks. (I didn't expect quite that enthusiastic a response, honestly, being all practical and stuff.)

Well said.

(Incidentally--my A-paper, which is due in...*gulp*...a week and a half, is about just this.)

"A-paper"? [*]

I'd be interested in reading it, when you're done! I keep up in a very small way around the edges with the law in this area, but only a little.

(I assume you saw the 2d Cir.'s decision last week in the Salinger case?)

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Yes, but fanfic sex is often weird kinky shit, whereas the sex in Diana Gabaldon's books just involves the natural desire of women to be dominated and spanked by strong men.

. . . I can't swear that they don't include any women spanking men. I don't think so, but I can't swear to it.

I realize you're just trolling, of course. But still.

(I often like her books in spite of, rather than because of, the sex; as rachelmanija said elsewhere, if her first book "WAS fic, everyone would be reccing it as 'long, plotty, cracktastic, entertaining, and reasonably well-written hurt/comfort; warning for evil bisexual sadist and fairly extreme hurt.'"

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*shakes pom pons in your direction*


Thank you for a clear, coherent, sensible statement on these matters.

Nearly the perfect compliment for me. Thanks.

Viva. Well-said.


Very well said!


I adore your post.

Aww, thanks.

Excellently said!


I'd have thought that by now, authors would know better than to make public asses of themselves on the Internet. But, apparently, it is always September somewhere.

I'd have thought that by now, authors would know better than to make public asses of themselves on the Internet.

A certain author who (unfortunately) shares my given name comes to mind...

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Oh, well said.


*enthusiastic applause*


*clap clap clap*


Nicely done, and excellent inclusion of the Lethem ref. You were also more restrained at pointing out how she was arguing against fanfic with icky sex while filling her own books with it than I was in my reply.

Well, it seemed to me that her objection was of other people doing it to her characters. The way she put it was still rather confusing (by analogizing her characters to her child, ummm), but it is a distinction--perhaps she's a writer who feels like her characters do stuff and she writes it down, rather than her making them do things.

But when some of the people in your own books are not your creation, but historical personages, and are having sex, well, the distinctions start getting rather _fine_.

Really well said.


That is a lot of semi-colons.

Thanks for writing this!

To paraphrase what a former boss wrote on reviewing my writing for the first time: "You do have a semi-colon problem; I hope to break you of it." =>

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Your open letter is excellent. Thank you for writing it.

Thanks for reading!


Sensible and practical advice, which the subject needs!

(I'd like to say more, but I'm out of time right now -- DayJob cannot be avoided! Later, then.)

Moonmothx (alias Rosemary Kirstein)

Re: Excellent!

Thanks, and hi! Do you use this account to read LJs much? If so, I can add you so you can read my occasional locked posts.

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Thank you for writing this! That was a very sensible response.

I'm glad you found it so.

Very well put!

Thank you!

Brava! Very nicely put and I agree without reservation.


This seems very clear. Maybe it will stop a few people from talking tosh about copyright. (I get irritated about this quite frequently, but not being a lawyer I generally can't say much except "I'm pretty sure you're wrong." Which is not convincing.)

I didn't think you used that many semicolons. Which probably means I use too many.


Is the legal situation significantly different for movie and TV properties? Or are the studios in pretty much the same position as authors, except with a lot more money and bigger legal departments?

As far as I know, no one has been successfully sued for fanfic or fanvids of works originating as video. The Organization for Transformative Works has a legal section that covers these things pretty well.

Very nice.

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