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incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

"Mine failed to annoy random strangers without even being present." ;)

Please stand by while your Internet is being wrapped and shipped to you.

What a smug asshole. Pride in your family doesn't have to mean putting others down.

....oooooh! the bumpersticker means the kid is a medical professional? not what i thought at all. my first thought was way more morbid.

It looked cheery to me not "my son was a postmortem organ donor," if that's what you mean. Also that's a one-time deal, you know?

yeah, i couldn't figure out why they'd give you a bumpersticker.

If you think that's bad, their car 25 years ago had a bumper sticker reading "My son tinkled in the potty today... what did yours do?"

"I lived vicariously through my child today...did you?"



Well, I suppose it's better than "My kid can beat up your honor student". Probably.


My son built a gun out of Legos. So take THAT, bumpersticker!

That's very special, and by "special" I mean "terrible."

Of course, there are very few bumper stickers I like. Even the ones that aren't annoying the first time become so if you see them frequently. Although I am tempted to use one of these.

Using bumper stickers to express your views is like using crayons to write your thesis.

Someday that person is going to get into a fender-bender with the parent of a Navy SEAL and it's not going to be pretty.


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