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Two things about Stargate: Atlantis 2.18, "Michael"

1. Holy fuck, they really are all war criminals.

2. So I was listening to Metric's "Blindness" and thinking it was too bad that it was probably unviddable because of its length and tempo changes, because it might be something interesting in the way of a Sheppard character study, and then the iPod tossed up "God's Gonna Cut You Down" (the only Johnny Cash song I really like) and all I could think was a vid to it that reveals the POV character as the natives of the Pegasus Galaxy and those to be cut down as the Atlantis Expedition.

I may end up having to find someone still vidding SGA at a charity auction whenever I finish watching as much of the series I want to, now.

In other news, it is apparently very difficult to be a toddler this week.

Holy fuck, they really are all war criminals.

Yes, yes, they are. I believe I ended season 2 with the statement that they were all too stupid to live. (No spoilers in that post, by the way, just rage.)

I enjoyed S1 more than I expected, though granted I was putting it on my iPod while I was stitching at lunch and looking up when it sounded like something interesting was happening, but man, S2 sinks down pretty far pretty fast.

1. Yeah, that was also my reaction to the episode. Horror and disgust. Also, a continual annoyance as to where the accent came from.

Heh, I didn't even think of that. I was too busy thinking, "okay, this and "Critical Mass" (a.k.a. "the one in which they fail the ticking bomb test") in the same season? What were the writers _thinking_?"

Ah ha ha yes. One loses faith rapidly with the show after season 1.

My response to that whole season was a sarcastic one:

Yeah, that reads a lot differently to me now.

(But it's still funny.)


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