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Oh, cool!

I didn't know the requirement had been removed. Now I can add your book log and a few others I couldn't afford to before.

So with that many blogs, don't they get pushed off your front-25 page incredibly quickly?

It's possible to change how many posts display per page for Recent and Friends pages, separately, under both S1 and S2. I think it may be a free/pay difference. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong; am in hurry.) Plus, one can filter flist output by group, or display only individual accounts; for the latter, append ?show=P to your usual flist URL.

Re: In Passing, how strange, yet logical. Thanks, kate_nepveu--I hadn't even heard of it.

It's available to all in S1: FAQ.

In S2 it depends on style; for reasons that baffle me, it's not available in all S2 styles: FAQ.

This is why I have groups set up: people; LJ communities; LiveJournal news and discussion; and RSS feeds. I read each group separately.

(I was not, actually, lying to you.)

The only reason I regret this is that I couldn't nominate Teresa Nielsen Hayden (tnh) for best fanwriter.

Okay, I am curious; what defines "fan writing" in a Hugo context? Is it simply writing done in a non-professional capacity? So, like, could Neil Gaiman or Ken MacLeod get a "fan writer" Hugo for stuff they write on their blogs?

The sole definition in the WSFS Constitution is: "3.3.12: Best Fan Writer. Any person whose writing has appeared in semiprozines or fanzines or in generally available electronic media during the previous calendar year."

Dave Langford routinely wins for _Ansible_, and he's published pro fiction.

All the same, I don't think Gaiman or MacLeod would be likely to be nominated as contrary to the spirit of the thing, but that's just a gut instinct.

My Lord. How on earth do you keep up with everything?

That said, there's some cool shit in them thar feeds. Maybe shall have to think about restructuring my Friends list...

Some are infrequently updated; some are just "glance at headline and move on." And I only follow comments on a few, so it's not like on the people section where I scroll back down and look for new comments.

It looks like a lot, I know, but this is 95% of my non-LJ blog reading.

My favorite is pepysdiary, which posts one entry from Pepys' Diary a day, tied to the actual calendar day. (Today is April 26, 1661.). The Website being syndicated has its own user community that is slowly building up annotations.

I've occasionally looked at it, but the backstory seemed daunting. => Maybe I'll give it another try.


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