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password security question

Is there a thing kinda like LastPass that I can run off steelypips.org? Or not even with the fancy browser integration, just something that will let me safely decrypt, edit, and encrypt a password list?

Because I definitely like the idea of LastPass, but it's true that they are a big fat target, and if I could get the same functionality (or something approaching it) that's just for me, well, that seems like it would be less of a target. Or does the difficulty of properly implementing such a thing outweigh the possibility that LastPass's data could be obtained, especially if I use a proper master password and turn on two-factor authentication?

(Context 1: right now I use a program that syncs between my desktop and my Palm, but that requires I have physical access to one or the other, and sometimes I don't. (Also, eventually the Palm will go away, of course.))

(Context 2: this very interesting article about password cracking.)

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