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The Pip at ten months

Very briefly because I should be in bed:

  • Three teeth in one month (new total: five), more on their way.
  • Puffs! Cheerios! Kix! Self-feeding is the best thing ever.
  • Except raising and lowering a blanket on his own to play peek-a-boo and blowing raspberries on my arm. Deliberately causing people to laugh is the best thing ever. (ETA: also, the "hold my toy!" game has arrived.)
  • Except pulling up on all the things, walking while holding onto the couch/chairs/grown-up's hands, pushing a walker, and climbing the stairs all the way to the top. Mobility—the true best thing ever.

    (Except for his sister, who was the reason he went all the way up the stairs the first time.)

So basically everything is awesome except teething, the occasional head full of snot [*], and mild separation anxiety (as comes with mobility).

Pictures: the ones previously linked here and a couple good ones at Chad's resurrected blog.

[*] As I said on FB recently:

Me: "All day today, I was thinking to myself, 'My children give me love, affection, delight . . . '"

Chad: "' . . . and disease.'"

Me: "Well, I was actually going to say sinus headaches, but yours is better."

Also, while talking about kids: a video of SteelyKid discovering her new playset, which I don't think I actually linked here.

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