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That page you link to for me is only the end of my worldcon report. There are also bits of it at




With just a bit and a link here

Those are in reverse chronological order.


Yup; I'd been putting your chronological reports at the end of the appropriate day. Monday v. all-con, which probably could've been clearer.

I love your panel reports!

I never take notes, because until recently, I haven't been on-line enough to post a con report <wry g>. I was there, though -- but I'd forgotten (I'm blaming the jet lag. Yes, I know it was a one hour flight. But still) that it was a Worldcon, and at a Worldcon I get to meet maybe 20% of the people I actually want to meet, and of those, get to spend 5 minutes while running from one place to another, during which I try to cram in Too Many Words.

And I even had Graydon describe you & Chad, too.

Thank you! (Detailed panel notes can be a bit of a burden, especially a long time away from the con when the enthusiasm has died down, some of the scribbles are no longer comprehensible, and one knows just how long it's going to take to transcribe them . . . But whenever I have my notebook out at cons, I seem to fall into my compulsive school habits of writing down everything more or less, and it seems a shame to waste that.)

I believe you were there, obviously =>, I was just struck that some people I bumped into randomly and frequently, and some I didn't, like you.

(Graydon wasn't _there_, was he? Did you mean descriptions beforehand? I think he's only met us the once, anyway.)

(Graydon wasn't _there_, was he? Did you mean descriptions beforehand? I think he's only met us the once, anyway.)

No, he wasn't there -- I asked him, after the post about dog-walking and spiders, if he'd ever met you, and he said yes. He's got a pretty good memory for detail. Which, sadly, I lack in certain things.

Glad to hear that it's not that he was there and I had no idea. And I think it says something about my LJ that "dog-walking and spiders" doesn't bring any _specific_ post to mind. =>

(In the unlikely event that anyone else reading this needs/wants to know what we look like, there are a few pictures online, though these days I wear a smaller version of the glasses in the silly icon here.)

I also had "Fantasy of Manners," if you don't have it already in another category.


I knew I forgot something--that was "panel reports of things I didn't go to, so I couldn't be arsed to look up what day they were and put them in the day report."

Yes, I'd got your FoM report on that day, but it doesn't hurt to have it here, too.

Sure, fine, just leave out my short wrap-up and rambling post about the Hugos...

-- Chopped Liver


This seems as good a place as any to ask if you will be at the Glasgow Worldcon next year; I gather one or two RGRN types may be...

Awesome userpic--I've been thinking I ought to do something like.

Barring winning the lottery, I think it unlikely, alas. I'm not quite willing to fly to cons.

Thanks. I'm considering a series of them - a bit like mood icons, but in one of them the little @ is squaring off against purple Ls, in one he has a pile of $, etc. - but thus far I'm TOO LAZY.

Flying - ah, well, can't be helped.

Invent reliable cheap teleportation and I am _so_ there.

You strongly tempt me to start playing with wizmode and screen caps! Back, I say, lest the urge to cat-vacuum becomes overwhelming!

Screencaps - good. Maybe it'll catch on - if every NHer on LJ has a shot of how their game looks...


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