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These are your spam statistics on drugs.

That problem I was having yesterday with someone blasting spam out with fake steelypips return addresses, so that all the bounced spam inundated my mail e-mail account? I thought I'd fixed it on my own, and then real mail started bouncing. So I undid the fix and had my spam program, Mailwasher, filter and automatically delete any mail that didn't have a real address in the To: or CC: fields—for just over 24 hours, until an incredibly kludgy fix went into place. Mailwasher's statistics for the week look like this:

Yes, this should really be a bar graph, and yes, those units on the left are correct: over eighteen thousand messages deleted today.

Spammers suck.


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And we're just a little domain, too.


Holy hell. It has never ocurred to me to look into how much spam the filters at DFN actually catch...now I'm afraid to!

Well, until this happened, we were getting maybe a couple hundred messages a day over all of the addresses? Not enough to bother with a server-side solution, at any rate. So it might not be that bad for you guys.

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I briefly flirted with SpamAssassin yesterday--our host provides it--but I couldn't seem to be able to check the spam mailbox, which I'd want to be able to do. I don't want to just blackhole improperly-addressed mail, either, since people _do_ occasionally misremember our addresses--it's happened at least once in the last few months.

I was on .edu addresses long enough that, when I moved off them, I knew I was going to get some spam, and my current regime is very simple and usually sufficient. It was the suddenness and magnitude of this that got to me.

Good God. At least you don't have to use a log graph.

Who'd have thought that it being easy for people to have a combined home post office and printing press would work out like this?

As was said Boskone a couple years ago, when _Neuromancer_ came out one might've run out and got plugs, but now one would run out and get a brain firewall.

Be glad you're only seeing 18k/day.

When I was the postmaster for HTML.com back in the late 90s, someone forged our domain as the sender and at peak we were seeing a couple hundred thousand bounces per day.

Wuff. Of course, html.com is a sexy domain name; we're just a little fish, and I thought fairly obscure. Ah well, no major harm done, though the kludgy fix continues to be a source of minor irritation.


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