Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Cranky Things about Lost 1.24, "Exodus Part Two"

Watched a day late because Chad had research students and advisees over for dinner last night. This may be disjointed because I am appallingly tired, among other things.

  • Okay, when Crazy Frenchwoman said, "They said they were coming for the boy," I did think, "Maybe it's Walt?" But then Ethan had gone after Claire, so I couldn't quite make that work out. And of course I still can't, but it appears my guess was right.
  • I liked that Crazy Frenchwoman turned out to be acting on her own agenda.
  • The boat was fifteen miles out before The Others came. There's probably going to be enough of the wreckage left to float on for a while, but getting back?

    I wish I had faith that the writers had the rest of that plot, instead of believing that they'll be brainstorming like crazy over the summer.

  • Jack is an asshole. You're the only doctor? You want to be the leader? You want to ever get laid? Then respect the others enough to let them take risks that they are just as well suited for as you—better, even, since they are not THE ONLY DOCTOR.

    It is very bad when the prospect of Jack-Locke showdowns have me wanting to root for Locke.

  • Boy, Science Guy was annoying to the very end, wasn't he?
  • The only interesting flashback was Jin's. Everything else felt like major filler.
  • The scalp-wound with gunpowder thing? Would have been so much more interesting if the wound actually looked bad. Which it did not.

Yeah, I'm cranky.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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