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I am not amused, Saiyuki (Sanzo)
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Saiyuki vol. 3: minor question

Is this some kind of bizarre typo, or a deliberate mis-remembering in flashback? On page 59 (in the Tokyopop version), Hakkai tells a not-sleeping Sanzo,

"I'd rather we all didn't suffer further."

On page 78, Sanzo flashes back to three things said by the others in the group before he left; the first one he remembers is Hakkai saying,

"I'd rather suffer further."

Goku's flashback isn't exact either, but as best I can tell, the original phrase of Hakkai's would suit the scene better. Mind you, I'm not at all sure I'm properly understanding Sanzo's thinking here and before: he didn't want Rikudo to remind him of his emotional scars, so he dove in front of a physical attack? Because . . . if he was dead, he wouldn't feel emotions?

Is this one of those cultural things, like Hero, or am I misreading (though I did go over it several times trying to figure it out)?

(Also, GIP.)

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Thank you, I was debating whether to dl a scanlation of vol. 3 to check and decided that was silly.

Ye-es, Sanzo I'm sure is a master of deception, self- and otherwise, but that had the feel of something the author wanted to convey as truth, because it fit in with the thematic framework that's being built up about living for yourself, non-attachment, etc. (I'm up through vol. 5 now, and Hakkai's backstory has a lot of this.)

I don't know if freely-chosen friendship and loyalty is a subset of living for yourself, though. That is, is Buddhism that complicated, or are they just not any good at it? =>

I went on a big long hunt for a good Sanzo-with-gun icon--because if you're going to have a Sanzo icon, it's got to be with a gun. I grabbed this one on the way, which I'm just waiting for an opportunity to use because I am overly amused at my own cleverness.

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Hmmm. Things to chew on, thank you very much.

Oh, and I have a totally stupid question that maybe you'll know the answer to:

Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, etc. Are those names in Western order or not?

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Thank you, that was bothering me and I couldn't figure out an easy way to tell.

I do think it a bit odd that they call him by his title, but obviously I know nothing about this.

If it's an error, they seem to have made the same mistake in the anime. I don't recall the exact subtitle wording, and I don't speak Japanese, but Hakkai clearly says that he'd rather avoid further suffering and Sanzo clearly remembers him as saying that further suffering is just fine with him.

I assumed that Sanzo is simply very good at editing reality to suit his needs, because making the same dumb mistake in two different media using two different translation teams and getting said error past two different editorial staffs is too sad for words.

Thank you, that's fascinating. When I do the vols. 1-9 re-read I'll be paying more attention to the ways Sanzo lies to himself, among many other things.

What's your opinion of the anime? I've heard one very strong negative opinion about it, and not much else, but I haven't gone looking for reviews.

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Fuchsia hair would be bad, yes. Thanks for the information, I'll probably pass on the anime.

And it's only three icons! The first was because I needed a Hakkai icon to represent _Saiyuki_, and there was a 150x150 picture right there on Minekura's site. Then I went looking for a good Sanzo-with-gun picture because it's just so *characteristic* and I needed a good cranky icon.

Okay, I found the b&w Hakkai icon in my search and couldn't resist. But that's not going nuts! I mean, look at it.

I am completely unsurprised by your icon, btw. =>

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Especially _that_ kind of villain.

Also, there's no reason you can't have the pretty Sanzo with a gun icon; I didn't make it, and psychodragon82, who did, allows use as long as you don't credit. You could add text to it--I've seen this picture with "make my day" added by someone else; psychodragon82 also has a one with "I'd rather die than give you control", which is so *extremely* Sanzo, though not quite my thing, icon-wise.

*is good and does not start reading scans of _Reload_ or _Gaiden_ when she has So Much Work to do tonight*

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My current plan, which may be shot to hell by very recent events, is: make it through July 1 which is when all this shit is due. Re-read all of _Saiyuki_ for a whopping big essay, or maybe just notes, culminating in the release of the Tokyopop vol. 9. Read _Gaiden_ while waiting for the release of _Reload_ vol. 1 by Tokyopop, then read the scans of 2-4. Pout about the Tokyopop release of vol. 2 not being until December.

I'm a very bad person to ask about the anime, mostly because I have seen almost none of it. I'm playing catchup now, but I get this funny glazed look in my eyes when anyone asks much past volume four, and some of the impressions I've picked up from other people's opinions and/or fic are odd in the extreme.

That said, I'll agree that some of what was aired seems pure filler, and less than terrific even by filler standards. But fluff episodes aside, I like the sound of the Japanese cast even when I have no clue what they're saying, I think the animation is quite pretty, and even the theme music is catchy. Don't know how much more I can ask from a series the important bits of which I'd repeatedly read before I ever saw them onscreen. And I am quite fond of the non-filler plot and all of the characters.

Thanks for the comments! They were helpful.

I could be totally mistaken, but

My volume 3 finally arrived, and I read that scene as Sanzo remembering Hakkai's "I don't want us all to suffer any further," and replying that he (Sanzo) *did* want to suffer more, either in reparition for his failure to save his master, or simply in terms of "all life is suffering, but I still want to live." Especially as it's part of Sanzo's resolution not to die saving someone, because the life of the saved survivor is so painful afterward.

Re: I could be totally mistaken, but

Hmmm, interesting. I think I disagree, as all the rest of the flashbacks seemed to be of comments by others, not replies to them; and if it were a Sanzo comment, I'd expect it to be not in a speech balloon.

The extent to which Sanzo is seeking out suffering as punishment, though . . . that I shall have to ponder.