Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Saiyuki vol. 3: minor question

Is this some kind of bizarre typo, or a deliberate mis-remembering in flashback? On page 59 (in the Tokyopop version), Hakkai tells a not-sleeping Sanzo,

"I'd rather we all didn't suffer further."

On page 78, Sanzo flashes back to three things said by the others in the group before he left; the first one he remembers is Hakkai saying,

"I'd rather suffer further."

Goku's flashback isn't exact either, but as best I can tell, the original phrase of Hakkai's would suit the scene better. Mind you, I'm not at all sure I'm properly understanding Sanzo's thinking here and before: he didn't want Rikudo to remind him of his emotional scars, so he dove in front of a physical attack? Because . . . if he was dead, he wouldn't feel emotions?

Is this one of those cultural things, like Hero, or am I misreading (though I did go over it several times trying to figure it out)?

(Also, GIP.)

Tags: manga, saiyuki
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