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steelypips blogs up

The Chateau Steelypips blogs—my Outside of a Dog, and Chad's Uncertain Principles and The Library of Babel—are all down at the moment due to some mysterious failure of our webserver to serve up PHP files. Everything else seems to be fine. I've asked our provider to look into it and will report back as appropriate.

Umm, open thread? GIP?

ETA: Clearly the needed tech fix was posting this, because they seem to be back up. At any rate, enjoy the penguins.

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I figured a happy icon might help my mood.

That and much more cuteness: http://www.livejournal.com/community/baaaaabyanimals/813451.html

(I tried putting "whee!" over the picture, but couldn't get it to work look right. It's hardly needed, anyway.)

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