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Three Weeks in Review

Three weekends ago, I drove to New Hampshire for a mini-family reunion; my mother's brother and his wife were visiting, and I haven't seen them in ages. I also got to admire my aunt's new house. Chad stayed here for graduation and also went to a neighborhood party hosted by our realtor. (Edit: also, we discovered the dog had a urinary tract infection on Saturday morning before I left. She responded very well to antibiotics and is fine now.)

Two weekends ago, we threw a party for people from Chad's work. The party started at 4:00, and the last people didn't leave until 10:00, so I think that counts as a success. Emmy behaved beautifully for everyone, but especially the kids who were fascinated by her. It coincidentally being Chad's birthday and Father's Day weekend, Chad's parents came up too, and were a big help at the party.

Last Tuesday, Dad had a kidney transplant in the afternoon. I got the news that he'd been called in the morning, spent the day frantically getting my desk into shape to be left, and drove out that night to spend the rest of the week and this past weekend. Visited Dad, played with their pining dog, took Mom out for a birthday dinner, and as previously mentioned here, saw a Serenity preview. So far the new kidney seems to be working, and Dad should be out of the hospital sometime this week if all continues to go well.

Today I took a deposition, was oddly euphoric in the late afternoon/early evening, possibly in reaction to a day spent being all polite and rational and painstaking, and now I am crashing, much like the doggie. At least she's too tired to actively miss Chad, who away at Yet Another conference until Thursday or Friday.

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