Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Upgrading (non-LJ) blogging system?

Blogger for publishing and blogkomm for comments have been good to us, but I'm thinking about upgrading the Steelypips blogs to a system with more advanced comment moderation features, because poker spam is tedious. My ideal system upgrade would do the following:

  1. Recognize Blogger's post IDs through an import feature, thereby allowing me to preserve permalinks to old posts.

    Without this, I have to either break a whole bunch of links, or keep the old files around; neither prospect thrils me.

  2. Allow the automagical generation of booklog indexes by (a) permitting the display of only post titles of a category (instead of all the posts' full content) and (b) sorting the post titles in alphabetical order. No more hand-coding an author index! Sub-indexes by genre!

    I think this should be fairly easy, since five minutes with a free TypePad trial account got me just what I envisioned; it's just that MT kind of scares me.

  3. Allow me to hold for approval comments coming from certain IP ranges and with certain keywords.

    I think this is pretty standard.

  4. Keep comments in a format that would allow me to hack in an ASCII delimited file of old comments.

    I have no idea how likely this is, but it would be really nice not to lose all those old comments.

  5. Be locally-hosted.

    We have PHP, Perl, etc.

  6. Have stable links (I've seen too many people's permalinks killed by a MT database crash, though I think this has been addressed, judging by my playing with TypePad?).

The following are already installed on our web host: b2evolution (, Nucleus (3.2), pMachine Free (2.3), and WordPress ( I was also looking at Serendipity and GreyMatter (though I get the impression the last is no longer being developed?).

Anyone have any experience to share? Statements of the form, "this package definitely will (or will not) do number X on your list" are what I'm mostly looking for, but general experiences are good too.

(Also, GIP.)

Tags: icons, website

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