Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Linda Nepveu, _A Journey of the Heart_

Linda Nepveu (a.k.a. my mother) has written a nonfiction memoir of her time working with orphans in Romania last summer through an organization called Children on the Edge. I found it both sad and amazing—the stories of the children were heartbreaking, but their joy in being at summer camp and spending time with her were astonishing (not to mention Mom's going there and living through it all).

In a weird quirk of online publishing, it's only $7.14 if you buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, instead of direct from Lulu.com. Mom's been assured that the royalty is still the same, and all proceeds go to Children on the Edge. Why not buy a copy today?

(Mom is going back to Romania this summer, though the proceeds from the book aren't going to her personal travel expenses. But this year she's not even getting a bed, so I bet just the psychic boost of knowing people were interested would help . . . )

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