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Three Weeks in Review, and pending posts

Dad got out of the hospital on July 3 and was very glad to be home. By the next weekend, when we were out for Readercon, he was already driving. I only went to bits of Readercon (and I do intend to write up the other two panels I went to), because basically the rest of those three weeks was frantic and appalling quantities of work. But, this Thursday and Friday I filed the things, probably close to five hundred pages of things, and was so very happy indeed. Have read the Harry Potter book, obviously, as my day off yesterday, and was very disciplined today and did more work (I have another thing due this week, which ought to be easier, but because I think it will be, I have to be extra-careful to get stuff done ahead of time or it will slide into emergency territory) instead of reading another thing I'm salivating over.

Also, Chad has been Netflix'ing things, and Homicide is a show with some great dialogue, though the camera tricks disconcert me. The first disc of Full Metal Alchemist is on its way, apparently, so watch this space.

LJ posts I am intending to write, on the theory that public promises are motivating, in rough order of likely timing:

  1. Why watch Firefly (has to be this week, since the SciFi re-airing starts Friday)
  2. Fantasy conversion kit (mostly done)
  3. Cruise in Review (still; I have resigned myself to just posting picture links, so it shouldn't take long)
  4. Readercon panel writeups (because the longer I wait, the less comprehensible my notes will be)
  5. Something about Saiyuki [*], possibly an essay on attachment and independence, possibly just notes and questions (requires re-reading vols. 1-9 and taking copious notes, but I want to have it done before vol. 1 of Reload is out)

    [*] Multiple things, actually.

  6. Law and SF (based on post-Readercon conversation)
  7. The fundamental flaw in Angels in America
  8. Notes on the DVD extras and commentary for Firefly (requires watching the commentary for another four episodes)
  9. Part 2 of the Firefly commentary roundup (can't be done until my own DVD commentary post) (changed my mind)
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