Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Hey, I was pretty busy this week: not only did I write a lot of posts (by my standards) but I read a couple of books and even fit in some socializing. Yesterday I drove out to Massachusetts for the bachelorette party of a friend from high school. I only went to the dinner part, passing on cocktails before or dancing after, but it was lovely to see the bride-to-be having a good time and to have a chance to catch up with some other friends. It reminded me of the dinner they took me out for before my wedding, not in the specifics but in the general happy relaxation and enjoyment. (Dinner was yuppified Mongolian grill; it tasted just fine, but I prefer the real thing.)

Also, I got carded when I asked for a glass of sangria at the bar. I'm noting this down because some day I will no longer be carded, and this way I can check back and say, "I was still being carded when I was practically 28," or whatever.

Today my grandmother, aunt, and uncle came down for lunch as a low-key birthday celebration for my grandmother, and I drove back afterwards (learning in the process that Jolt caffeine gum tastes nasty, but is a lot easier on my stomach than an equivalent quantity of soda). Tentatively on tap for this week: work on the Saiyuki re-read, since volume 1 of Reload might appear on store shelves any time in August, and contemplate hobbit birthday presents.

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