Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Well, it was the week Saiyuki ate my brain (mmm, brains), but you knew that already. (Have I mentioned how happy all the great discussion has made me?) Other than that—yesterday I tried to give platelets. I made it past the red blood cell count screening (which was the problem last time), only to have the staff fail to get a vein in my left arm—a first. (I usually get complimented on my veins.) So that was a disappointment, as well as a considerable chunk of time out of the day. I was feeling slightly shaky and tired afterwards, so I napped on the couch until the dog reminded me that I needed to take her for a walk by sticking her cold wet nose into my neck. So thoughtful.

After I dragged the dog around the block, we humans went to Oneonta for dinner with Chad's parents. I ate far too much, my brain apparently having temporarily escaped and hid under the table, but enjoyed the dinner otherwise.

Today we went to see the Saratoga Shakespeare Company do The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged. It was, of course, very silly. I do wonder if it was written with two versions of Othello, since our performance led into it with a little spiel about how they couldn't do this play because none of them were black. Presumably the authors foresaw the possibility that someday a black man might be cast in the play. Anyway, some of the jokes went on too long or were a bit forced (particularly the references to current events), but on the whole it was very agreeable. Watching it from a blanket under a shady tree on a warm day didn't hurt, either.

And now Chad is dozing on the couch, the dog is dozing next to the couch, and in a little bit I shall wake them both for dinner.

Oh, I don't usually talk about presents (some weird idea of modesty, or something), but I have to mention one of the very thoughtful and excellent birthday gifts I've received: Chad got me a statute of Ganesh, looking a bit serious, but writing. (He ordered it during the "Kill Me Now Please" period at work.) I shall re-arrange my work desk however necessary to have him overseeing matters. (I still want a happy dancing candy-eating Ganesh statue of course, should I come across a good one, but there's no reason I can't have two. Or more.)

[Edit next day: I knew I forgot something annoying. Wednesday night, a portion of a downtown Albany bridge dropped several inches, leading to the shutdown of a couple major highway ramps; leading to it taking me forty-five minutes to drive 0.5 miles Thursday evening, from my parking lot onto the highway. Friday I stayed later and traffic was lighter anyway, so it wasn't a problem, and apparently today all but one of the ramps are open again.]

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