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Fullmetal Alchemist, Disc 3 (episodes 9-12)

Not as good as the last half of the second disc, IMO.

Standard warning: do not spoil me for later episodes, or I will kill you with my brain (tm coffeeandink).

"Be Thou for the People," episode 9, is the one with the gold mine town, and struck me as pretty thin. By itself, it seemed of interest just for bringing them up to the present, being a bridging episode to the brothers at 15 and 14, and Ed's reputation as being on the people's side. It's a good thing Mustang is so twisty, though, or Ed would never've got away with it.

(I see that we've skipped right past the guy with the marked arm and the grudge; I presume we'll be going back to this.)

It's made only slightly more interesting by being paired with episode 10, "The Phantom Thief." Psiren (what's with the silent P? are we in Pyramids?) amused me, perhaps because I was thinking of Saffron from Firefly. I don't particularly think she was Robin Hood-ing it, but one never knows. I think this is the first time that sexuality appears in the show WRT the Elrics, what with Psiren attempting her feminine wiles on Ed (I initially thought Al had a crush as well, before it was revealed to be mother-nostalgia).

Also, what was it Ed said, about all the criminals he meets making a point of telling him how he's just like them? Uh-huh. Maybe I'm just tired, but I felt like saying, we get it, already.

Episodes 11 and 12 are "The Other Brothers Elric." Look! Huge whopping quantities of explicit parallelism!

(I appear to have forgotten to mention that yes, I noticed that the Elrics' father has had his face obscured so far, and I'm sure this will be Significant.)

I'm almost sorry that Ed and Al weren't told about the contingency plan that would create a Philosopher's Stone through poisoning pregnant women; I'm sure they wouldn't have used it (since they have Mother Issues), but it might've been interesting to see what they did when reporting to Mustang.

And Lust is back and . . . wants a Stone? Or something else? I can't remember the first two episodes well enough now to recall what she was up to then.

Have they been wandering around looking for the Stone all this time, since the end of the gold mine episode, without reporting in to Mustang? That can't be right, but something Ed said (on a train?) gave that impression. Oh well. We'll see when Netflix brings the next disc.

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