Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Pratchett declined Hugo nomination?

The complete nomination statistics for the Best Novel Hugo (pdf) indicate that Terry Pratchett's Going Postal received more nominating votes than Iron Council, River of Gods, or The Algebraist, but next to it is listed, "Declined nomination." Anyone know what's up (since it's been more years than I can count since I lurked on a.f.p., and a quick Google groups search didn't turn up anything)?

(I'm sure he had a good reason, I'd just like to know what it was, since Going Postal was among my nominees.)

[Edit: according to Pratchett on alt.fan.pratchett (brought to my attention by an x-no-archive post in rec.arts.sf.written), specifically message-ID eGECTiL8eZ+CFwRU@unseen.demon.co.uk (link to Google Groups), "The reason was that I wanted to *enjoy* the Worldcon. It's not been a good 18 months, and I just *know* that the Japanese meal I had with friends that night did me more good than an evening of suspense:-)" Later in the resulting thread Pratchett clarified that he didn't know who else had been nominated when he withdrew.]

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