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New Saiyuki Gaiden

So there are scans of the new Saiyuki Gaiden chapter up, and of course I have downloaded them [*], hoping that the visuals would give me enough of an idea of what was going on to overcome the fact that I don't, you know, speak Japanese. A vain hope, alas; so this is a plea for links to translations whenever they appear.

[*] Yeah, I wasn't going to read it until I was done the re-read of Saiyuki, but one day last week I was really tired and cranky and needed to babysit my computer while not doing anything online, and I was weak.

Why isn't this licensed?

Also, how is it possible that Kenren is so much nicer to look at than Gojyo? Of the three adults in each version, Gojyo is at the bottom of my "pretty" list (except in that hat picture), while Kenren is very definitely at the top of the equivalent Gaiden list. It can't just be the hair, because Gojyo really did look dumb when he cut it off.

[link to scans removed because manga has been licensed]

[Edit 8/22/05: thanks for desdenova to pointing me to a translation by flemmings.]

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