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Cowboy Bebop, episodes 8-10

I had resolved to watch all of this. I'm not making any decisions now because I'm cranky and I know it, but I can feel that resolve starting to falter.

"Waltz for Venus," episode 8: in which they actually get paid! And there's a puppy-ish disciple-wannabe who's in trouble, and a girl in need of a Robin Hood, and it's all so very obvious what's going to happen next.

Umm, yeah, nothing else to say about this one. Obvious all the way.

"Jamming with Edward," episode 9: in which we meet Ed, who is painful.

I'm guessing this would be one of the characters that some people find extremely annoying? Count me in.

"Ganymede Elegy," episode 10: in which we meet a woman (The Woman?) from Jet's past.

What, exactly, am I supposed to feel after this? So Jet used to be involved with a woman who broke his heart by leaving without explanation. She is revealed to be a veritable vending machine of bad decisions, starting with the decision to leave without an explanation instead of, oh, I don't know, saying that she felt stifled? And then there's the borrowing from a loanshark, and the hooking up with a guy who seems awfully gormless—as I told the TV, they might be your bad decisions, honey, but they're still bad. Somehow an ending that doesn't involve jail is arrived at, which is obviously supposed to be a happy one, and we are solemnly told that time never stands still.

So a big personal tragedy in Jet's past . . . is the result of his picking a flake to fall in love with. Or his stifling his lover and never realizing that he'd done it. Color me unimpressed.

*kicks NetFlix and BitTorrent, again, for no new Fullmetal Alchemist episodes*

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