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Not the Week in Review

Well, we're off in the morning, and though I'm exhausted and not looking forward to the drive, I am looking forward to a few days of culture and exploration and not working and all that.

Too tired to talk about the last week, and anyway it was mostly me being cranky and working, so here are two links:

  1. Excerpts from eleven tedious stories, from Lemony Snicket's Introduction to a forthcoming McSweeney's anthology:

    It was another heartbreaking day for Mark, who lived with his abusive father in a run-down shack by the railroad tracks, which were crawling with both poisonous and regular spiders. Coughing in pain as he eased himself into his wheelchair, he wondered how he had become addicted to various drugs, when he had only a few dirty pennies to buy them with.

    (Via pnh's Sidelights on Making Light.)

  2. If you use Opera and Quick Reply stopped working recently (or possibly you're having other commenting issues), take the javascript code found here, paste it into a text editor, and save it with a .js extension into the directory specified in Preferences / Content / JavaScript options / My JavaScript files.

Okay, one personal thing from the week: our mail carrier moved here from another state. Back in that other state, she was friends with the people who left the piano in our basement in 1968. How random is that?

How do you even bring up a misplaced piano in conversation...?

I was cleaning the garage when the mail carrier came by, and she made some comment like "Looks like you're having fun..."

"Not really," I said, "because some of this crap has been here since we moved in."

"Say, did this house come with a piano in the basement?" she asked.

Go figure.