Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Sunday night's dinner was lovely; mmmm, lobster bisque.

Monday was quietly productive.

Tuesday I went to a deposition for someone else in the office; the witness wasn't testifying about our part of the case, but we sent someone just in case. Then I picked up a copy of the anthology with the middle Peter Crossman story in it, On Crusade; Barnes & Noble's online branch sent me a copy that was actually Evelyn Waugh's Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold, of all things, wrapped in the cover of the Knights Templar anthology, and I had to get another sent to the local store.

Wednesday I got my teeth cleaned (oww), firmly resolved (again) to start flossing regularly, and bought a car.

Thursday I picked up the car.

Friday I drove the car, and baked chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday I cleaned the house, showed my parents around the house when they arrived, and took them out to dinner in the new car. (Mmmm, bitter chocolate with orange mousse.)

Sunday we had Chad's parents, grandmother, and great-aunt over for lunch along with my parents. Our parents' dogs had a great time together, Chad cooked an excellent lunch, and the cookies were a hit.

You know, even when you're not the one cooking, entertaining is hard work.

Tags: [time] in review, cars, food

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