Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

I'd taken Monday off to recuperate from vacation, so I spent Tuesday clearing up the backlog at work. It really is amazing how stuff piles up over just a few days. Despite that, my new resolution to deal with things as they come in, rather than accumulating stacks, seems to be holding.

Wednesday was not a good day. I came back to my office after a day of long, fruitful, but exhausting meetings, and glanced briefly at the Washington Post's front web page, where I found: more Katrina horrors; hundreds dead in an Iraq stampede; and the head of women's health issues at the FDA resigning over the political delay in approving Plan B. One glance, and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head, and not move for quite some time. But then I got home and was greeted by a happy doggie (which always is a mood-lifter), and helped get our bandwidth back, and put up NetHack spoilers that a stranger had updated out of sheer random helpfulness, and smoothly upgraded a (not-yet-public) MovableType installation, and felt much better for being productive. I later resolved to filter my news and blog reading a lot more heavily, because I need to be able to function and I just wasn't when I was keeping a close eye on the news.

We watched a bunch of Homicide DVDs in the later part of the week, and the show surprised me quite considerably by not only killing off Steve Crosetti, but making it a suicide too. The Emma Zoole thing is painful, though, even played for laughs, and I hope now that she's dumped Bayliss for not fighting with her, we'll have seen the last of her.

Took the dog to the vet on Friday afternoon for yet another urinary system infection. If she's not doing better after a week of antibiotics, she's going to get X-rays for kidney stones. She seems to be doing better, though not as dramatically so as last time she was on antibiotics (a different kind). Her energy levels are entirely unaffected (says the human who's spent far too much of today fending her off), so it's probably not too serious.

This weekend we ran a bunch of errands and did a bunch of work, occasionally enjoying the nice weather while we were at it, and I re-watched a bunch of Fullmetal Alchemist episodes (as previously noted). Terribly exciting, I know. And now, back to work.

Okay, one last thing—the server hosting steelypips.org went down last night, and so in the very unlikely event you need to contact one of us urgently, comment here or send e-mail to the address on my userinfo page.

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