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More obsessive fangirlishness

Does anyone know the release schedule for the Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs after volume 6 in November? Amazon and Google aren't being helpful.

I am contemplating recording the Adult Swim airings of the dubs (starting this Saturday night with episode 27) to stockpile against DVD release delays, and whether I bother will depend in part on how long a delay I'm looking at. Actually I'm trying to decide whether it makes sense to get one of these TV-to-USB things for better quality; I think it's a very shiny piece of technology, especially for only $100, but if I'm not going to bother recording episodes of Adult Swim, then it's definitely not worth it. (It might not even be if I do, since I don't think we'll use it for much else. But, shiny!)

I don't think that Funimation has announced release dates yet for the subsequent dvds; a quick check at indicates that they announced the release date of volume 6 only last month, however, so we can probably expect to hear fresh details in a few weeks.

Thanks. Why doesn't that site have an RSS feed, darn it?

Looking at the past releases, it looks like a month or two between releases. Hmm-dee-hmm.

I'm pretty sure it's every two months, since we got one in July and the next ones are scheduled for later this month and mid November.

I did the math and figured out it when I'd finally get to see the last episodes. Then I cracked and watched the fansubs.

Yep, checked the release dates on Amazon. It's been every eight weeks precisely so far.

Ah, I didn't look at dates, just months.

Hmmm, by the time we get through volume 6, and then watch two fansubs to bridge the gap, we'll have built up about two discs' worth of recorded episodes . . . yeah, it might be worth it.

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angelhedgie gets the credit for mentioning it in comments to the last FMA post; I'm just passing it on.

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Nah, but rilina's every-eight-weeks makes sense to me.

I am very excited too, even though I won't be able to watch them for 10 more episodes. Still! Stockpiling crack is a good thing, because Kate gets cranky in her withdrawal.