Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Cowboy Bebop, episodes 11-13

Quick notes because I was only half-watching. Spoilers.

"Toys in the Attic," episode 11: In which we learn why cleaning out the fridge is a good idea.

Silly but inoffensive, though apparently we're just supposed to guess how they all recovered from the mutant rock lobster bites?

"Jupiter Jazz," episodes 12 and 13: in which Vicious is apparently not dead after all; Spike looks for Julia; and Faye meets a gender-bending fugitive.

So, talking it over with Chad, it appears the sequence is: Vicious in the war, frames Gren; Spike and Vicious and Julia and whatever that was; Spike loses track of Julia somehow; three years ago, Spike and Jet team up; two years ago, Julia shows up on Callisto and meets Gren, then vanishes after a month.

I never noticed about Spike's eyes. The way his hair goes green when it's supposed to be reflecting light, yes, but not the slight difference in color between his eyes.

Faye is still kind of annoying. I have very little patience for characters of the type "I will make you jump through hoops because I am emotionally insecure."

By the end I did end up watching with all my attention. Mostly I just want to know what happened with the whole Spike-Vicious-Julia backstory, which apparently I won't get until the ending, but hey.

Tags: anime, cowboy bebop

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