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Lost 2.1, "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

Would you believe I was half hoping I could stop watching this show? Not yet, it seems.

Well, we were promised an explicit revelation on what was in the hatch, and we sure got it. At first I thought the refusal to show the guy's face meant we were in flashback (I was guessing Sawyer), but obviously I guessed wrong about the significance (I pegged Desmond just before he showed his face, because of the voice). I am intrigued.

Ack, more Jack flashbacks. I didn't quite follow the start: did the other guy die because he chose to work on the future-fiancée (who I see was someone else's fiancée at the time)? Anyway they were boring and slow. And the present-day stuff wasn't better (except for the very end): his hero complex is SO BORING. Be a leader or be a hero, but pick one and stick with it, okay?

(What to make of the parallels between Sarah and Locke? Did something go horribly wrong with Sarah and that's why Jack's all "Man of Science" now?)

Other notes:

Walt is a ghost? Astral projection? Hallucination of Shannon? Tell me what's going on at sea!

And there's confirmation that Hurley was in the psych ward as a patient.

It would be too much to ask that we never ever see Kate again, huh?

And next week, the raft, though I somehow doubt "the fate of all" will be revealed.

I'm little skeptical about all being revealed in episode two of the new season, too.

Though if they're actually going to show what happened to everyone on the raft, then I'll be pleased.

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I have to say, if I had had a hundred guesses of what was down the hatch, "the 70s" would never have come up.