Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Week in Review

Oh, right, I meant to do a week in review post.

Car stuff: On Monday, I discovered a dent. I've only had the thing since Thursday. It's a very small dent, true, but someone has quite clearly opened their door into one of my back doors. Grr. Otherwise the car is still lovely; it went over the hills to Williamstown this weekend with no problems, and is currently averaging 47.9 miles per gallon.

Work stuff: I should always assume that good decisions will be appealed, instead of letting myself get my hopes up, as I did regarding that decision I was all excited over. On the other hand, I'll be helping with the appeal, which should be educational. I stayed home sick Wednesday, went to a legislative hearing on Thursday regarding possible litigation, and that was about that's reportable for the week.

Social stuff: we spent most of the weekend in Williamstown for Chad's 10-year college reunion. Got to see many of his friends, to meet some of their kids for the first time, and to sleep on the worst hotel bed I've ever paid for. Came home early Sunday so Chad could go to Union's graduation; spent most of the afternoon outside in the sun, devouring a long-awaited book, and then went to bed very early.

House stuff: currently investigating painting the house and replacing the windows. Anyone have strong feelings between Pella or Andersen windows?

Tags: [time] in review, cars, house

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