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Friday lyrics answers

Answers to guess-the-song under the cut, now with audio listening bonuses!

Everything's in MP3 format. Download links are live for a week or so; if you like, go give the artists some money.

  1. "I saw the rain-dirty valley / You saw a brigadoon": "The Whole of the Moon," The Waterboys (6.9 MB). Id'ed by rj_anderson.

    A nice entry in the "songs about quirky people" genre.
  2. "Will you stop pretending I've never been born / Now I look a little more like that guy from Korn?": "Red Dragon Tattoo," Fountains of Wayne (4.9 MB). Id'ed by sienamystic.

    Bouncy and catchy, with pop-culture references and a surprisingly well-developed narrator: fairly standard for Fountains of Wayne, in other words.
  3. "I must be dumber than a spit curl / 'cause I got hung up on a showgirl": "House That Used To Be," Old 97's (5.7 MB).

    I didn't expect anyone to get this (or the rest of the unguessed songs); it's off one of their earlier albums, Too Far to Care, and they're not a well-known band in any event. Not entirely typical of their stuff, but still a catchy clever tune. Old 97's are supposedly alt-country, but I don't hear a lot of country in their stuff; then again, my brain makes weird associations when it comes to music.
  4. "Yes, a penguin taught me French back in Antartica": "Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)," The Weakerthans (3.3 MB). Id'ed by coffeeandink.

    No, I can't really describe it. However, it's good, and if you like it, you should get the rest of Reconstruction Site.
  5. "What the hell did you expect to find / Aphrodite, on a bar stool, at your side?": "Pieces of the Night," Gin Blossoms (6.3 MB).

    An unreleased track off New Miserable Experience. Possibly my second-favorite song of theirs after "Hey Jealousy."
  6. "Sunday comes and all the papers say / Mother Teresa's joined the mob, unhappy with her full-time job": "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand," Primitive Radio Gods (7.8 MB). Id'ed by sienamystic and jsbowden.

    The one that samples B.B. King singing "I been downhearted baby." Apparently the rest of the album is dire.
  7. "Much like pheromones for flies / You will not avoid my eyes": "Some Fantastic," Barenaked Ladies (6.7 MB). Id'ed by verbicide, half-credit to larabeaton.

    A mid-tempo BNL song, neither manic nor mopey. I like the harmonies.
  8. "I'll buy you glasses in Texas, a hat from New Orleans / And in the morning you can tell me your dreams": "You Can Sleep While I Drive," Melissa Etheridge (4.5 MB). Id'ed by annewashere.

    Tender with a touch of melancholy, from an early album called Brave and Crazy.
  9. "Danny puts the cones on the motorway / and Donna dances tables in her lingerie / and Jerry, Dave, and Billy, man, they're putting on a play": "Drunk in a Band," Del Amitri (3.8 MB).

    Del Amitri is also much less known than they should be; they had minor radio play in the early 1990s with "Always the Last to Know" and "Roll to Me," and that's about it. This is a fast jaunt through all the people the narrator knows and how they're all doing stuff, "but I'm just a drunk in a band." If you like it, don't get the album it's from, Can You Do Me Good?, because it's weak; try their greatest hits package, Hatful of Rain.
  10. "I'd give anything to see you dance, anything to see you smile / Baby doesn't want just anything, she wants everything": "John the Baptist," The Afghan Whigs (7.7 MB).

    How, I ask you, can you not love a song that combines those lyrics with that title? It's from 1965, which should've sold a gazillion copies, so go buy it. If you like the general sound but want something darker, try Gentlemen.

    If you try one of these songs, make it this one.

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