Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Lost 2.2, "Adrift"

Too much backstory again, damnit.

The Mike backstory is really not anything new. And the island backstory—we're getting island backstory now, ack—well, as Chad said at 9:47: "Thank you, now we've caught up to the end of last week's show."

The bits on the raft were also mildly annoying, as the "no, it's your fault" is just not that useful. Also, the lack of sense: for instance, why doesn't the non-injured person swim to the good piece of the raft?

Geez, fanservice much, with the wriggling Kate and the shot down her tank top?

The previews for next week intrigue me, I hate to say; there's Alex, I bet, and getting Locke's faith shaken has to be a good thing.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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