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Week in Review

(Really weekend in review, like many previous ones, but usually the week proper is just work, which is either boring or not for public consumption.)

I spent a lot of time this weekend reading the new Diana Gabaldon out in the backyard; fall's earlier sunsets have been hitting me hard this year, so I've been trying to really store up nice weather against winter while we have it. This morning, for instance, I had an appointment to donate platelets but couldn't, again—this is the third time in a row. Disappointing, but on the other hand, hanging out in the backyard with the dog and a book and a short nap was a much nicer way to spend the day.

(The quality of my afternoon, while sleepy, was much improved by the Pats game not being on TV here, as they got shellacked; as the quickie post-game story led off, "Injuries finally caught up with the New England Patriots." Uh, yeah. OTOH, the Giants won quite handily, so perhaps we're into zero-sum football karma again.)

We saw Serenity last night, of course; my reactions are basically the same as to the preview (posts: no spoilers; spoilers). I don't quite agree with Chad that I would have liked it better if I hadn't seen the series; the changes from the series bothered me, but the lack of familiarity with the characters might have been more difficult. Hard to say, of course. Additional non-spoilery things: still love the pre-credits sequence quite ridiculously; also love the credits sequence after noticing (thanks to some reviews) that it's just one loooooong unbroken camera shot. Cool. Another thing I noticed is the way it could switch instantly between tense and funny and back again, which is really impressive. Overall, not perfect, but I'm glad I saw it and I think it's worth seeing.

And I am still sleepy from staying up late talking about the movie with colleagues of Chad's who we bumped into at the theater and getting up early for the ill-fated blood donation appointment, and I seem to have hit a temporary wall on this legal research, so it's definitely past time for me to head to bed.

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