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Lost 2.3, "Orientation"



THAT'S HELEN?! I think something must've happened to this Helen and he's just calling the phone sex worker Helen as a creepy substitute, because Locke? Not so good at letting go of things.

The hatch:

Kelvin? Calvin? pulled Desmond in; I suspect Calvin because it's more resonant.

"The Dharma Initiative, Station 3, The Swan": look, polar bears!

So there are "unique electromagnetic fluctuations" in this part of the island (which make Desmond's fillings hum, at least I think that's what he said), and initially the hatch-thing was a lab to study it, but after the "incident" they set up the whole button-pushing protocol. Carefully not telling us why pushing a button = saving the world, thankyouverymuch.

Locke is so very annoying. Jack is so very annoying. Call the button Pascal's Wager and stop being annoying. (Also? Why the hell are you holding a gun on Desmond? Let him run if you want, and spare us your slashy fixation. Geez.)

Outside the asylum hatch:

I didn't believe what the surprise survivor (Tia? I didn't quite catch her name) was saying when she showed up in the pit. And wow, was I so right.

Preview: as I yelled out loud: "I KNEW HE KNEW ENGLISH!"

Overall: pick up the pace plz thx.

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