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Cowboy Bebop, episodes 19-21

Again with the half-watched Cowboy Bebop episodes, really briefly.

"Wild Horses," episode 19: In which space pirates go around giving ships a virus.

Some oddly 3D shots of various ships, though not including the Shuttle.

I like that Jet immediately understood "this is where I've got whiskey hidden" to mean "by the way, I'm not coming back." I have got to like Spike and Jet more than when I first started watching, though Faye and Ed still get on my nerves.

"Pierrot Le Fou," episode 20: In which we are suddenly in Batman (the Tim Burton one).

Ummm, yeah, I got nothing else.

"Boogie Woogie Feng Shui," episode 21: In which Jet and a teenage girl quest for the Philosopher's Sun Stone.

I got bored a couple of minutes in and started writing a booklog entry.

(Mostly I'm just logging these out of habit, can you tell?)

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