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Lost 2.4, "Everybody Hates Hugo"

Arrgh, fake-out with the Jin English. I wonder if that was dubbed or the actor is that accentless?

Charlie all annoying and male-ego-bruised and jumping-to-conclusions and stuff, wonder-bitch getting me briefly on Sawyer's side . . . you know, the one thing the island didn't need was more annoying people.

I was sufficiently not paying attention that I initially missed what Hurley actually decided to do with the food and couldn't understand why Jack was agreeing.

The only thing that made me laugh all episode was watching the dog watch Shannon eat. Such a Lab. (This doesn't make up for the slow-mo instrumental sappy bit overall, though.)

And hah, Rose's husband is white.

(Deleted comment)
Okay, thanks.

He said something to Jack about it being food for 1 guy for 3 months, and it was the only way, but I hadn't heard what he said before.

I just watched on tape last night. My comments may be spoilery. I don't think viewers were privy to what Jack agreed to; we only found out when Hurley began distributing the food (which was pretty easy to see coming as soon as he made the remark about food not lasting that long anyway.) This actually made me wonder...that storage room looked pretty darn full to me. Didn't previous people deplete it? Or did I miss something there?

I think we were supposed to think that it was being restocked, though when it was last restocked is an interesting question.

(Deleted comment)
1. I thought that possibly Hurley's mental health issues (whatever they are) were making a reappearance, but other than that, yes, stupidity all around.

2. I said, "Look, Mother Abigail's back!"

3. Agreed.

Did anyone catch that the second bunker/vault thingy where the other Others were also had an octagonal logo on the wall, albeit with a different symbol in the center?

And, hey, gratuitous Evangeline Lilly in a Towel scene!

Plus and also, the skinny kid from Road Trip.

I didn't see the different symbol, but I figured it had to be one of the other stations.

Never seen _Road Trip_, could do without the Lilly fanservice, though at least there was sweaty Sayid briefly.

Like I said, barely paying attention.


The symbol was really grimy and faded, but it definately wasn't one of the swans.

However, you've never seen _Road Trip_? Yikes, egads and Oh my stars and garters! It's very, very funny. I am, shall we say, stunned.

Other than that, not a hell of a lot happens. And, was the actress that plays Clayah really pregnant at some point? It just seems that her face has really thinned out "post-portum."

And, random extremely low wattage celebrity spotting (aside from the geek from _Road Trip_). The girl that works in the record shop was in the god awful _Queen of the Damned_ movie.