Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Lost 2.4, "Everybody Hates Hugo"

Arrgh, fake-out with the Jin English. I wonder if that was dubbed or the actor is that accentless?

Charlie all annoying and male-ego-bruised and jumping-to-conclusions and stuff, wonder-bitch getting me briefly on Sawyer's side . . . you know, the one thing the island didn't need was more annoying people.

I was sufficiently not paying attention that I initially missed what Hurley actually decided to do with the food and couldn't understand why Jack was agreeing.

The only thing that made me laugh all episode was watching the dog watch Shannon eat. Such a Lab. (This doesn't make up for the slow-mo instrumental sappy bit overall, though.)

And hah, Rose's husband is white.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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