Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Lost 2.5, " . . . And Found"

Stop the unnecessary backstory already! Just give up the format if you can't think of anything interesting to put there.

Wonder-bitch is still awful, even though they're trying to make her someone who's overcompensating for being in over her head.

It looks warm in Hawaii. I want to be there. Without feral pigs and Others. Dozing on the beach in the warm sun and ocean breeze . . .

Chad: "So tonight we're getting Thick-Accent theater." (I have no idea what Jin said to Michael at the waterfall. Something significant and incomprehensible.)

The Others have feet, at least.

Preview: Three weeks from tonight? Time to stretch it out for sweeps, I guess. And it's too much to hope that Sawyer'll kick the bucket, huh? Oooh, or maybe Jack. Jack would be good. Except that the preview showed the new castaways too so it's probably one of them.

Tags: lost (tv series), tv

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