Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Cowboy Bebop, episodes 22-23

No Fullmetal Alchemist for us tonight; I've got a cold and am tired and doped up. Instead a couple of nice light Cowboy Bebop episodes.

"Cowboy Funk," episode 22: In which an idiot on a horse mistakes the crew for a teddy bear bomber.

Very silly.

I did notice that his face was similar to Spike's even before people started claiming that they were too much alike.

"Brain Scratch," episode 23: In which the crew hunts for the leader of the "migrate to electronics movement."

Chad fell asleep during this one, somewhere around Ein barking at the web site. (Ein hacking the site was very cute.)

I think this got preachy by the end but I wasn't quite paying enough attention.

We stopped watching after this because Chad thought he was likely to fall asleep again.

Tags: anime, cowboy bebop

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