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Icons: FMA, Saiyuki, Sandman, non-fandom

Obedient to the will of the masses, there are twenty-five new-ish icons below the cut: Fullmetal Alchemist (2), Saiyuki Gaiden (1), Sandman (5), non-fandom (17). For public use with credit; commenting is nice too.

Fullmetal Alchemist (gallery)

1. young Hughes (icon) 2. Hawkeye at range (icon)

Saiyuki (gallery)

3. Konzen with flower (icon)

Sandman (gallery)

4. Desire: Endless Nights (icon) 5. Dream: Soft Places (icon) 6. Dream: The Kindly Ones: departure (icon) 7. Daniel: The Kindly Ones (icon) 8. Corinthian: The Kindly Ones (icon)

Non-Fandom (gallery)

9. Bonsai 1 10. Bonsai 2 11. Bonsai 3 12. Bonsai 4 13. Indian corn 1 14. Indian corn 2 15. Fall leaves on deck 16. Fall foliage 17. Fire lilies 18. Peach blossoms 19. Rose 20. Poinsettias 21. Oranges (Amber Sweet hybrid) 22. Strawberries close 23. Strawberries far 24. Sandstone 25. Prairie dog

I'm not entirely happy with the bonsai icons; I think their lighting might be better suited to full-size. My mental title for the prairie dog icon "Hello!", which amuses me.

Suggestions for modifications, or requests for text, are welcomed.

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