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Holiday Wishes Meme

Time for the holiday wishes meme again? You can find the instructions here. Once again, so very optional.

  1. For someone to sign an organ donor card, or join an organ donor registry, who hadn't before. Those in the US can find more information at
  2. Bookends! Seriously. We have lots of bookshelves, most of which aren't full so that we have room to grow, and the books on the ends are leaning or get knocked over when dusted or otherwise offend my sense of order. Bookends, or things that can serve as bookends, would make me very happy.
  3. Books, specifically the chance to read the following eagerly-awaited novels ahead of their publication dates: Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, The Mislaid Magician; Sherwood Smith, Inda; the Lois McMaster Bujold duology that's undergoing revisions now; Terry Pratchett's next book (Wintersmith, which he read from at the 2004 Worldcon?); the first in Cassandra Claire's YA trilogy; and Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon.
  4. A hard-to-find book: The Book of the Weird (a.k.a. The Glass Harmonica), by Barbara Ninde Byfield. Thank you, sloanesomething!
  5. An animated icon from Fullmetal Alchemist, specifically the bit from episode 17 where Ed and the dog wiggle in concert on the lawn (screenshot). Alternatively, if that's too large for a proper icon, an animated gif of that scene. (I doubt I'll ever use it as an icon; I don't generally care for animated icons. But if I had that bit, I could look at it and laugh whenever I needed to.)
  6. Digital (MP3 or AAC format) copies of the Indigo Girls' Nomads, Indians, and Saints and Swamp Ophelia. (I bought them years ago on cassette, and am not crazy about paying twice for the same thing.)
  7. I do have an Amazon wish list, though as noted, it's basically a way to note stuff that I might get with a gift certificate or lottery winnings. It's there if anything catches your eye, however.
  8. (the genie three, as last year, though rearranged in priority:) Long life, in excellent mental and physical health, for all I care about, ever have cared about, or will care about.
  9. Culture-level control over my body.
  10. An end to ignorance (or, if that's beyond the powers of the genie as is often the case in folklore, being the sole winner of the next New York State lottery drawing that I buy a ticket for).

Drop a comment with a way to contact you if you need a mailing address.

Please post links to your own lists in comments! (Also see holiday_wishes.)


the first in Cassandra Claire's YA trilogy

Someday I'll have ARCS, I anticipate. ;)

Yay! =>

(Deleted comment)
Per the mailing list, it's tentatively titled _The Sharing Knife_ and tentatively scheduled for next year.

(Deleted comment)
_The Mislaid Magician_ - is that a Cecelia and.... ummm.... whomever story?

Cecy and *Kate*!

Yes, it is.

It's not related to anything else, and I rather doubt that she's *said* that she'll never write another Vorkosigan book.