Kate (kate_nepveu) wrote,

Monday lyrics

Some silliness to start the week—guess the song based on the first line(s) (source: iPod five-star playlist, shuffled and re-arranged as it amused me). Answers tomorrow.

  1. I walked twenty blocks to your favorite bakery, to pick you up a little treat / I know you're not an early riser, after a long night on your feet
  2. It's one-thirty in the morning but that's all right by me
  3. You don't have to prove your manhood to me constantly / I know you're the man can't you see
  4. Fantasies of violence, breaking bottles on the wall
  5. It was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank
  6. You said to never ever come back; I wasn't sure exactly what you meant by that / I know that we have had some problems, but I've got solutions in my head
  7. There's blood in my mouth 'cause I've been biting my tongue all week / I keep on talking trash but I never say anything
  8. Gone, she's gone, how do you feel about it? / That's what I thought, you're real torn up about it
  9. Well tell me do you think it'd be all right, if I could just crash here tonight
  10. Watch an eyeball take a free fall / at the mention of a name / in its socket like a rocket / rises just the same

Edit: now with extra lyrics for the unguessed and difficult ones.

Tags: music

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